Sermons and Messages

The Time after Pentecost is a teaching time, a growing time, in the life of the church. Today's texts celebrate God's ability and intention to provide us with a new lease on life. To that end we gather today with the whole people of God to be instructed by the word and nourished in the blessed sacrament.

To help the viewers claim the Bible as their own, Lucas Cranach the Younger, one of the primary artists of the Reformation churches, painted this funeral procession outside of Nain as if the town was in medieval Europe. Note the church spires in the distance. Jesus, as in much medieval art, is wearing royal red, and the young man is wearing a white shroud, which reminds us of our baptismal gown.

Pastors of St. Philip's Past & Present Incumbent
1911-1916 Rev. Herbert F. Richards
1916 - 1926 Rev. Carrington March & H. neuman
1926 - 1929 Rev. T. Techlenberg
1930 - 1936 Rev. S. H. Mollenauer
1936 - 1943 Rev. A. N. Fiedler
1943 - 1944 Rev. Samuel Lewis & Mr. Henry Augsburg
1945 - 1984 Rev. Francis B. Smith
1985 - 1999 Rev. R. Calvin Jordan
2000 - 2002 Rev. F. Bradley Peyton (interim)
2003 - 2005 Rev. John Dorheim (interim)
2005 - Present Rev. Michael B. Guy, STS